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Integral Calculus Video previews on Thinkific

These Supplementary Video tutorials on Integral Calculus are designed for University students taking UBC Math 101, UBC Math 103, UBC Math 105, SFU Math 152, Langara Math 1271 and TRU Math 1241. The goal of these Calculus 2 Video tutorials is to reinforce the theoretical understanding of integration through solving a variety of different type of examples with step by step video solutions, 
The first few videos in every module discuss the theoretical foundation of Integration and the latter videos within each module cover the more difficult applications . Check out some of the sample videos below.


These sample videos and the corresponding Integral Calculus video tutorials are designed as a supplementary resource only and by no means designed to teach a course on Integral Calculus. My services as a private math tutor and entrepreneur is not affiliated with any University or College in Vancouver, and I am solely responsible for the content of this website.

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