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Student Testimonials  ( The following are Text message feedback I have received from my students regarding my math tutoring services ). Some of these reviews include students that were tutored in the following courses: UBC Math 100, UBC Math 100A, UBC Math 100B, UBC Math 100C,UBC Math 110,UBC Math 180,UBC Math 200,221,215,253,255.

 " Hey Richard, I got 94% in math 105!. You're a great tutor and I know I wouldn't have gotten through the course without  you. Thank you for every thing and have a Happy new year! "- UBC Math 105 student

 "Hi Mr Richard. How are you doing and how is the holiday for you. I got an A- in math 105, thanks for your selfless effort. "  -  UBC Math 105 student

  "Hi Richard I've been meaning  to text you for a while... It's Sanaz! I got 90% on the calculus final and finished the course with 80%.... Thank you for all the help " -  UBC Math 110 student

  " Hello Richard, I would like to inform you that the results are out and I got 90%.Thank you very much for the  help.Happy holidays! " - UBC Math 180 student

  "Hello Richard,how z going? I got 78 in math 100, Tnx 4 ur tutoring help !" - UBC Math 100 student

  "Hi Richard I just got my mark today, I ended up with an 88! Im very pleased and would like to thank you for everything you have done this term. Have a great end of summer "- UBC Math 101 student

 " Hi Richard, i have finished my exam. I scored 95 in exam. So now i am able to register for the course. Thanks for all the time that you spend to help me to improve my math skill. Wish u all the best."- Langara MDT math basic skills test

 " Hi Richard, I am doing great. Hope you are also doing nice, and thanks for your patient tutoring ! I got A- for the math " - UBC Math 200 student

 " Hey Richard, just got my Calculus results back, my total average is 72% , I must have done well in the final exam. Thanks for helping me out ! " - UBC Math 101 student

  "Hi Richard! I got back my math results and got an 82. Thanks so much for your help in math 184!(: " - UBC Math 184 student

 " Thanks for checking in, I did quite well in math 104, a lot helped by all the practice solving logarithm problems which were used in many of the problems, happy holidays to you as well! " - UBC Math 104 student

  " Hi! The test went very well for me! My 255 grade was the second best grade I got! 82%. I believe the average was in the mid to low 60's ,Yes :) thank you so much! I truly felt the course all came together in the end,Thank you ! , 253 did not go as well as 255. The test was very long! A lot of friends of mine found it extremely difficult. (17 pages long) and didn't have time to finish. I'm sure it must have been scaled I got 69% and the average for my class was 58%" - UBC Math 255+253 student

 "  Hello Richard, I received an A in calculus I. Thanks for the resources! They really helped! Without them I would of struggled. Overall, I managed to learn a lot from the supplemental  resources you provided . You saved my semester. Your the best! Thanks :) " - Langara Math 1174 student

  " Hey Richard! I got a 73% on my midterm which was in the third quartile, thanks for your help! I'll call you later for our next meeting! " - UBC Math 105 midterm

 "I ended up with A- with 82 points overall grade in Calculus I. Thanks for all your tutoring!" - UBC Math 110 student

 "  I got 89 overall.:-) pretty satisfying. Best wishes to you too. Thanks for you help with my math 200. You are a very helpful, kind and patient tutor.��" - UBC Math 200 student

 "  Hello Richard! , I just wanted to thank you very much for helping me, and wanted to let you know I ended up with a 95 on the final and an A+ in the class. Your help was definitely necessary! Thanks again, " - UBC Stat 241 student

 "  Hi Richard, Happy New Year! I hope that you had an enjoyable break as well. I got an A- in Math 256 despite the difficult final, thank you very much for all your help. I hope that you have a great 2016!" - UBC Math 256 student

 "  Hey happy new year ! I got a B- .. Not a terrible mark I beat the average.. Thanks Reza... If it wasn't for all that Laplace on the second midterm I would have done a little better, but in the end I'm satisfied .. I knew Laplace better for the final and got lucky with noticing some identities and catching mistakes. " - UBC Math 255 student

 "I did pretty good, got 70% as my final grade which isn't bad considering I failed my first midterm.,Thanks for all your help! It really helped :) "  - UBC Math 200 student

 " I passed both 253 and 255 yay! " - UBC Math 253 + 255 student

 " Hi Richard, happy new year to you as well! , I did decently well, ended up with a 61 so a couple things were messed up on the final exam.I am also taking math 105 this semester and am wondering if your still good for some future sessions for this semester. All the best. " - UBC Math 184 student

 "  I passed! 60%. the class average was 61%, Thanks Richard, happy holidays! "- UBC Math 101 student

 "  I ended up with the average of 66 which is pretty great considering my midterm marks! The final was very challenging so I assume they must have scaled it but either way I'm pleased with the final result "- UBC Math 200 student

 "  Hello Richard, I received an A in calculus I. Thanks for the resources! They really helped! Without them I would of struggled. Overall, I managed to learn a lot from the supplemental  resources you provided . You saved my semester. Your the best! Thanks :) " - Langara Math 1174 student

 "  I finished with a 62, thank you so much for your help! Happy holidays! "- UBC Math 184 student

 " Hi Richard! I just wanted to let you know that I passed math! And I transferred to arts so I won't be needing anymore math! Thank you for everything!! I don't think I would have done it without you! Regards! " - UBC Math 180 student

 "Hi Richard this is Sasha, just wanted to let u know i passed 105! Got a C but still Im very happy. Thanks so much for your help this semester." UBC Math 105 student
 " Hi I just passed my ode course!! Thank you so much for the help :) " - UBC Math 255 student
 " 58% in math 200! Not very high, but I know I wouldn't have passed without your help, thanks Richard! "- UBC Math 200 student
  " Hello Richard I did the exam 3 hours ago,it was fair I'd say.I wanted to thank you for the assistance you had offered me all through this yearound course,I'd have been helpless if it weren't because of u.u had contributed allot to my standing grade and also my total grade to be.There are no bigger words to express my gratitude,but yes know that I highly acknowledged n appreciated the tutoring u offered me.I will text u the results once they are out.
God bless you and your family, Thanks. " - UBC Math 110 student
  " Awesome thank you! I just went and got my last quiz back and I have 70% on it so I hope my final will go similar!y! I'll see you Monday! :) regards! " - UBC Math 180 student
  " Hey Richard! I got a 74% in Stats 203. Thanks again for all your help ! " SFU Stat 203 student
  " Hey Richard! The exam went well. I got a 74 which I think is pretty decent! " - UBC Math 184 student
  "  Am doing fine thanks.I checked the results in the morning and I have a total of 62 marks and the class average is 59.Thanks you a lot.Its was because of you that I managed to pass this course.Cheers " - UBC Math 110 student
 " Hi Richard I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how much I appreciate all the help and resources you have given me. Take care ! " - UBC Math 105 student
 " Hi Richard! , Perhaps you'll be happy to hear I passed Math 104, haha! A large reason for this was definitely all the practice we did together and all the resources you provided for me, so I just wanted to thank you. That being said, Math 105 is another monster of its own as I'm sure you know, so I'd like to start up our weekly tutorial sessions. Does Tuesday at 5:00 PM work for you? " - UBC Math 104 student

 " Hey Richard, I did better than expected , I got a 70% in the class,I visited my prof to see my exam, I got a 63 on the final but it was scaled like 20 points so it turned into 83 , The average of the final was 60 and the final mark of my class 68, Oh and the final was very tough indeed." - UBC Math 200 student

 "  I got 80% on my first math midterm!! Let's aim for 80% for math this year! I have a flight tonight I'll contact you when I get back. Thank you Richard! " - UBC Math 104 student

 "  Hey Richard. Good news. I finished with an 86 in Calculus!! , I could not have done it without you. Yes the class average was 63.Thanks Richard. I will contact you if I need some help with statistics this summer. Do you recommend any resources? " - UBC  Math 184 student.

 "  I got 78 on midterm so ok. The class average for midterm 1 was 51!. Anyways, I'll text you over the weekend and we can set up a time for next week. Thanks for the help so far. " - UBC Math 184 student

 "  Hi Richard, I just wanted to let you know that I got 77% in the course, which is a B+ , and that I'm very happy about it ,I think we did quite well and and thanks again for all your help! " - UBC Stat 251 student

  "  Hi Richard! I got 67% overall in MATH104!! 5% higher than the class average which was 62%! Thank you so so much! See you soon for MATH105. " - UBC Math 104 student

 "  Hi Richard; I think I did fine; everything in the final we practiced. But I still don't have the results; they'll let me know on the 24th of August. I'll tell you how I did as soon as I find out ," - UBC Math 256 student.


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