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  Hi,I am Richard ( B.Sc  Math). I have been a full time University math tutor in Vancouver for the past 16 years. I specialize in differential and integral calculus,Pre-Calculus, statistics,business statistics,differential equations,multivariable calculus and linear algebra.

Math Tutor Specialty:

 UBC Math100,180,110,184,104,101,102,103,105,152,200,215,221,253,255,256 tutor,UBC Stat 200 tutor,UBC Stat 241,251 tutor, UBC Psyc 218 tutor. UBC Comm 291 tutor, UBC Geog 374 tutor, UBC Biol 300 tutor, UBC HKIN 371 tutor,UBC FRST 231 tutor.

 Langara  Math 1150,1152,1153,1253,1170,1171,1174,1271,1274 ,2362,2371,2475 tutor. Langara Stat 1123,1124,1181 tutor

 TRU ( Thompson Rivers University ) Math : TRU Math 1001,1101,  1141,1157,1171,1241,2121,2111 Tutor and TRU Stat 102 .

Athabasca University (AU) Math 260,265,266,270,271,365,376 Tutor.

 SFU Math 151,152,154,155,157,158,251 Tutor.

 Highschool Math 11,12,Pre-Calculus 12,University Prep. Math tutor,IB Math 11 tutor, IB Math 12 tutor, IB Math SL tutor.

 Math Basic Skills Test : Math Diagnostic test (MDT) , Ubc and Langara MDT Exam Preparation. UBC Math 110 Basic Skills Test preparation.

 PRE-CALCULUS  Adult math 11,12 Upgrading. VCC Math 11,12 tutor,VCC Math 1100,1200 tutor,BCIT Math Tutor,Columbia College Math tutor,TRU Math 1001 tutor,UBC Math 002 tutor,UBC Math 001 tutor,PreCalculus 12 tutor.

Langara  Math 1150,1152,1170 PreCalculus Tutor.

BCIT OPMT 1130 , 1197, 5701, 5700 Tutor. 

Teaching Style

   I am a professional and patient tutor and I am very organized in the sense that I write everything down on paper so that by the end of the tutorial you will have 10-12 pages of neatly written notes to take home with you.

   I will use sketches and diagrams to visualize and simplify complex concepts. I will  explain concepts in a step by step manner and explain all the details of the calculations.  I will also go over recent exam questions to familiarize you with exam type questions.

  I will apply efficient problem solving strategies and accelerated learning techniques to prepare you for midterms and the final exam.

  My method of tutoring is to work with you to develop your understanding of the    concepts. I will ask you questions and guide you towards the answer, while at the same  time pointing out efficient strategies for solving exam type questions.

 will also recommend supplemental resources such as the best online math  video lectures and exam review questions with solutions  to encourage self study and to prepare you for the midterms and the final exam.

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 Individual Rates: $60 /hr , $70 / (1 hour 15 minutes)

 Double student special :  $ 30/ 1 hr./ Student.

 Triple student special: $ 25/ 1 hr./ Student.

Cancellation Policy: 

Please note that a 48 hour notice is required to change or cancel a 

tutoring appointment otherwise a cancellation fee of $40 may be applied.


   If you are interested in a free 5 minute tutoring sample my skype name is azerbill2 , feel free to add me on Skype.

 Richard's Tutoring Service  (604)-(874)-(2669)

Email: [email protected]

 iMessage me: [email protected] 

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Calculus ( Integration U-Substitution Method ) Youtube Video

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Video Lectures

Important note: Math and Calculus video lectures  on differential Calculus ,Integral Calculus, differential equations,vector calculus, linear algebra, and statistics can be viewed by clicking on the MIT OCW Video Lectures and Calculus Video Lectures links.

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